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Honey Memories-excerpt (2023)

Texto por Aarón González

Hun, I’ve been told you are coming back soon.

It has been so long, and it is only when I close my eyes

I get to be with you one more time.

Do you remember the day we met?

You were carrying yourself with such grace.

How could I forget your shining curly hair and your lemongrass scent?

So we became friends, and I gave you sunflowers, and so in the light of god,

I could spend eternity between the brown and green of your eyes.


Do you remember the rainy day at the Park?

You took off your shoes and began to run.

Time stopped.

The scent of petrichor and water droplets began caressing our bodies.

In the distance, you smiled at me.


Hun, I miss our little ritual before going to sleep.

You kissed my forehead and cheeks.

Our noses touched.

Then, your butter cake lips kissed mine.

Hun, your soul shines across the universe

Thank you so much for your beautiful colors

You are a beautiful human

thank you so much for such memories

and I can only be grateful to had

fallen in love with you.

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